Vampires of the Neverwood

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Multiple dates through Apr 6, 7 - 9 pm
This is an online event · Annex Theatre
Annex Theatre's new "decide-thine-personal-disaster-style comedy" follows Jonelle Dinklebreeze and her mission to retrieve the mythical Solstone, during which time she gets wrapped up in a side quest: searching for the droves of missing people in her hometown of Pipistrellus. Were they kidnapped by vampires? You'll have to tune in on YouTube and engage with "pole dance fighting, dungeon crawling, over 20 different puzzles, sitcom-esque setups bound to trigger your social anxiety, several odd subplots involving Chicken Marsala and a Lacrosse team, and so much sexual degeneracy" to find out.

This is an online event

Annex Theatre