Yves Tumor

This event is in the past
Sun July 21, 2019, 7:30–8:15 pm
Yves Tumor is the project of Florida-born, Italy-based Sean Bowie. The experimental electronic music producer's moody songs can invoke disorientation—sporadic beats, screeching stringed instruments, Tumor's voice careening through the fuzz straight to your eardrums. But there are undeniable layers of punk, hip-hop, and soul throughout. "Licking an Orchid" is a strangely sexy and acidic love song, and "Noid" is an energetic neo-disco number that takes a left turn into a jarring and satisfying cacophony of electronic goodness. Tumor's voice is the through line here, at once disaffected but grounded, pleading and stone-faced. by Jasmyne Keimig

CHBP Vera Stage

Seattle, WA 98122