All Dive Bar near Seattle


Serving big, sloppy hot sandwiches, HoneyHole will quiet any stomach grumbling for comfort food. For your grumbling liver, they also have a semi-tiki-themed fu…
703 E Pike St
Capitol Hill

Comet Tavern

The Comet’s done a fine job of getting people drunk since 1948. More recently—for a long time—it was a place to see hearing-impairing punk bands, get beer spil…
922 E Pike St
Capitol Hill

Athenian Inn

The food is nothing to write home about, but it's worth shoving your way through the Pike Place Market tourists gawping at fish to get to the old-school, unfan…
1517 Pike Pl
Pike Place Market
Temporarily Closed

Crescent Lounge

Seattle's venerable Crescent Lounge is a seedy, wonderful dive with a colorful host of regulars and the best karaoke on Capitol Hill.
1413 E Olive Way
Capitol Hill

Emmett Watson's Oyster Bar

The place’s motto is “Beer, Wine, and Food for Thought, Est. 1978,” and while the whole place is great, the small bar in the back is the greatest. Oysters on t…
1916 Pike Pl, Ste 16
Pike Place Market

Pioneer Square Saloon

An old-fashioned-looking saloon. It isn't "sceney," but it still draws in a crowd that likes to party. A nice alternative to the sometimes overdramatic P-Squar…
73 Yesler Way
Pioneer Square
(206) 628-6444

Central Saloon

This is Seattle's oldest bar, and it knows how to party.
207 First Ave S #1
Pioneer Square

The Rabbit Hole

It’s a new dive bar from the people behind nearby (great, non-dive) Bathtub Gin.
2222 Second Ave


Hot dogs, booze, and pinball in one place spells fun for everyone (well, everyone 21 and older). Shorty’s serves an array of bargain-priced wieners with a vast…
2222 3/4 Second Ave

Rose Temple

In the former space of the defunct delicatessen/speakeasy By the Pound, business partners and Westward alums Austin Polley and Benjamin Smith have soft-opened …
1801 E Olive Way
Capitol Hill

King St. Bar & Oven

Pioneer Square after-work hangout for sports watchers and their wood-fired pizza-loving dates.
170 S King St
Pioneer Square
(206) 749-9890
500 S King St
Seattle Chinatown-International District
(206) 223-9266

Joe's Bar & Grill

The Red Front Tavern is awesome if you are in this kind of mood: Adventurous, curious and a little bit stinky. The bar smells like people have been spilling …
500 S King St

Screwdriver Bar

A rock 'n' roll jukebox joint in the basement of the Barnes building.
2320 First Ave
(206) 441-4370

5 Point Cafe

The Five Point is inarguably one of Seattle’s best dive bars. The floppy, salty fries have never seen the inside of a freezer, and if you like an old-school op…
415 Cedar St

Twilight Exit

Now in its third location, the Twilight remains as great as ever in terms of hanging-colored-orb light fixtures, ’70s decor, from-scratch diner-style food (inc…
2514 E Cherry St
Central District


On one side, the Mecca is an old-timey counter-and-booth-style diner, for those times when only dependable diner food can hit the spot—and dependable it is. On…
526 Queen Anne Ave N
Lower Queen Anne


If your idea of life's bounty involves beer and Johnny Cash, it's time to give Hooverville a try. The floor's covered with peanut shells; this is a bar for sho…
1721 First Ave S

Streamline Tavern

This beloved Queen Anne dive is marked by an iconic light-up sign; inside, you'll find beer and wine and booze, a charmingly schlocky art collection (a dogs-pl…
174 Roy St
Lower Queen Anne

Eastlake Zoo Tavern

This magnificent Eastlake dive welcomes everyone: massive bikers, leftover hippies, and fresh-faced college kids. The impossibly vast space houses a assortment…
2301 Eastlake Ave E