All Bookstores near Seattle

Barnes & Noble Downtown

This is now the biggest seller of new books in downtown Seattle. Thanks a lot, Jeff Bezos.
600 Pine St
Pike Pine Retail Core

Paper Hammer

Paper Hammer sells plenty of handmade stationary items, and it's all beautiful stuff. If it's made out of paper and you want it, they've got it.
1400 Second Ave
Pike Place Market

Folio: The Seattle Athenaeum

A members' library with events open to the community.
93 Pike St #307
Pike Place Market

Left Bank Books

This wonderful ultra-leftist bookstore has been in the Pike Place Market forever. It's run by people who REALLY MEAN IT, as in the store is operated by committ…
92 Pike St
Pike Place Market

Seattle Mystery Bookshop

Seattle Mystery Bookshop is one of the last bookstores left in Pioneer Square, which used to be the city's literary district. It's the best resource in town if…
117 Cherry St
Pioneer Square
1423 10th Ave
First Hill

Chin Music Press

This is the office and storefront of local publisher Chin Music Press, which produces beautiful novels, art books, and non-fiction.
1501 Pike Place #329
Pike Place Market

Elliott Bay Book Company

This is a place to browse big titles and local zines, research, hang out, curl up in a corner, meet up with friends, buy gifts, and marvel at the architecture.…

1521 10th Ave
Capitol Hill

Big Little News

This newsstand and bottle shop has taken the place of the former space of the vintage store No Parking on Capitol Hill. According to Capitol Hill Seattle, the …
1102 E Pike St
Capitol Hill
208 First Ave S
Pioneer Square
89 S Washington St.
Pioneer Square

Twice Sold Tales

Twice Sold Tales is a Capitol Hill institution. It's home to a brilliant collection of used books, and also cats. You'd better not be allergic to cats.
1833 Harvard Ave
Capitol Hill
218 1st Avenue S
Pioneer Square

Peter Miller Books

A store specializing in architecture books and supplies.
304 Alaskan Way S
Pioneer Square

Arundel Books

This tiny and adorable Pioneer Square independent bookstore specializes in art, photography, rare, and antiquarian books.
322 First Ave S
Pioneer Square

Pistil Books

An indie bookstore that is sadly now mostly online-only, barring a few open events a year.
1415 E Union St
Central District

Kinokuniya Bookstore

With a newsstand, adorable stationery options, and a staggering manga collection, Kinokuniya is a great place to pass the time.
525 S Weller St
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Oh Hello Again

Capitol Hill's newest bookshop comes courtesy of Kari Ferguson, the former owner of Vancouver's Books and Publishing Lab. Ferguson classifies her inventory as …
324 15th Ave E
717 Broadway E
Capitol Hill

Ada's Technical Books

This beautiful, smart, science-obsessed bookshop—where Horizon Books used to be on Capitol Hill's 15th Avenue East—sells technical electronic manuals, computer…
425 15th Ave E
Capitol Hill