All Cafe Restaurants near Seattle
1200 6th Ave
Downtown Seattle
601 Union St
Pike Pine Retail Core
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Cortina Cafe

This cafe located a few flights up from Ethan Stowell's downtown Italian restaurant Cortina features coffee and espresso from Caffe Vita, nitro cold brew on ta…
621 Union Street
Pike Pine Retail Core
909 Pike St
Pike Pine Retail Core

Wild Rye Cafe Bakery

The pastry chef at Wild Rye, Alex Shroff, used to be the pastry chef at the Herbfarm. The bakery serves light breakfast and lunch items—muffins, quiche, sandwi…
806 Pike St
Pike Pine Retail Core

Sugar Bakery & Cafe

Created by Stephanie Crocker (no relation to Betty) and her husband, John McCaig, Sugar Bakery makes cakes, pies, pastries, cookies, coffee, soups, and sammies…
1014 Madison St
First Hill
905 Eighth Ave
First Hill
1420 5th Ave, Suite 204
Pike Pine Retail Core

Caffe Ladro

This intimate coffee shop is located in the heart of Downtown. It serves up a good cup of coffee, a comfortable ambiance, and a carefully curated selection of …
801 Pine St
Pike Pine Retail Core

Monorail Espresso

Someday we'll all get around on self-driving Solowheels and pay for coffee with chips implanted in our brains. But let's resist that time for a little longer. …
520 Pike St
Pike Pine Retail Core

Top Pot Doughnuts

Top Pot’s got 40 kinds of lusty, busty, rich doughnuts approved by President Barack Obama, and the cafes are comfortable triumphs of design. Also: good drip co…
1206 Madison Street
First Hill

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

A massive, 15,000 square-foot space, billed as a temple to “coffee education.” There’s a full roasting operation, coffee made via six different brewing methods…
1124 Pike St
Capitol Hill

Piroshki on Madison

The piroshki—savory pies, filled with things like chicken, cabbage, rice, and mushrooms, as well as potatoes and cheese—here are wonderful. But the borscht—a h…
1219 Madison St
First Hill

Trophy Cupcakes

Trophy amps up the cupcake indulgence factor by piling on lots of tasty frosting and offering a variety of flavors (rotating every day of the week and every se…
600 Pine Street
Pike Pine Retail Core

Sweet Iron Waffles

Counter-serve space serving yeasted, liège-style waffles made with brioche dough, with sweet and savory toppings.
1200 3rd Ave, Suite 110
Pike Pine Retail Core
310 E Pike St
Capitol Hill

Urbane Market

Urbane Market is across the lobby from Urbane restaurant. It sells the fine work—dry goods, wine and beer, coffee, to-go items—of local purveyors and hosts foo…
1635 8th Avenue
Pike Pine Retail Core

Café Frieda

This cafe inside the Frye Art Museum features scratch-made sandwiches, salads, and seasonal soups, in addition to coffee from Caffe Vita, pastries from Macrina…
704 Terry Ave
First Hill
704 Terry Ave
First Hill

Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop

We’ll let Homegrown speak for itself: “Our goal at Homegrown is not only to create sandwiches out of sustainable ingredients but also to make sandwich creation…
1531 Melrose Ave
Capitol Hill