All French Restaurants near Seattle


Thierry Rautureau, aka the Chef in the Hat, formerly of Rover's and still of Luc, runs this 4,000-square-foot French restaurant where Alvin Goldfarb Jewelers u…
600 Union St
Pike Pine Retail Core
707 Pike Street
Pike Pine Retail Core
905 Eighth Ave
First Hill

The Georgian

The biggest, fanciest restaurant room in town, the old-fangled Georgian in the Fairmont Olympic Hotel is famously painted in (approximately) 117 shades of butt…
411 University St
Pike Pine Retail Core


One of the best restaurants in Seattle, Stateside is consistently great, wearing its Vietnamese-French mash-up on its sleeve. The crispy duck fresh rolls are d…
300 E Pike St
Capitol Hill


San Francisco's RN74, cloned at the renovated Joshua Green building at Fourth and Pike by restaurant empire-builder Michael Mina, is named for a highway in Bur…
1433 Fourth Ave
Pike Pine Retail Core


This new natural wine-centric shop has opened in Capitol Hill's Melrose Market and also serves brunch, lunch, and dinner, with fresh dishes like escabeche of m…
1531 Melrose Ave
Capitol Hill

Crepan Crepe World

Your fondest wish has been realized at this Japanese-style crepe place: crepes fused with hot dogs.
1303 Madison St
First Hill
700 Third Ave
Downtown Seattle

Le Caviste

This Denny Triangle gem from Seattle wine mind David Butler serves up exactly the type of sidewalk bistro fare you might find yourself noshing on after a long …
1919 Seventh Ave
Pike Pine Retail Core


A few steps past the fish-throwing insanity at Pike Place Market, you’re greeted in French in a dim, quiet room, its walls covered in antique mirrors, its view…
81 Pike St Suite A
Pike Place Market

Place Pigalle

Place Pigalle is a delicious secret. Even locals who frequent the Market don't know it's there: one of the classiest, most romantic joints in town since 1982, …
81 Pike St
Pike Place Market
77 Spring St
Seattle Waterfront
1418 Western Ave
Pike Place Market

Cafe Campagne

Cafe Campagne is exceedingly pleasant, with soft yellow lights, blond-wood banquettes, framed vintage prints on the walls, and polite waitstaff. The menu is Fr…
1600 Post Alley
Pike Place Market

Virginia Inn

The Virginia Inn, a Seattle institution since 1903, has a lovely old-fashioned interior with an antique mahogany bar, as well as great patio seating on First A…
1937 First Ave
Pike Place Market

Le Pichet

Downtown’s Le Pichet is the more expensive cousin of Cafe Presse. It has many of the same dishes (often at different times), and it turns out, what you pay doe…
1933 First Ave
Pike Place Market


Métier is a multilevel, multipurpose business that includes a bicycle training gym, a bike service center, a retail shop, and a location of Homegrown Sustainab…
1017 E Union St
Capitol Hill

Le Panier

Le Panier is a French-style bakery in Pike Place Market with pastries and sandwiches.
1902 Pike Place
Pike Place Market
1904 Pike Pl
Pike Place Market