All Taiwanese Restaurants near Seattle

Downtown Seattle


Chef Tiffany Ran, who's spent time at Walrus and the Carpenter, White Swan Public House, and Kamonegi, runs this pop-up inspired by the diverse cuisine of Taiw…


The Moo Bar

Hailing from NorCal, this Taiwanese boba bar offers a bevy of highly Instagrammable treats including milk tea, waffles, and raindrop cakes, in trending flavors…
2124 Westlake Ave
(206) 467-3191

QQ Taiwanese Bites

This sister restaurant to Facing East Taiwanese Restaurant in Bellevue features similar offerings, like pork bao, bubble tea, and most excitingly, their popula…
2325 6th Ave


This new "modern tea room" is owned by married couple Kathy Wang and Vince Shi and specializes in "cheese tea," a Taiwanese food trend consisting of iced tea w…
1715 12th Ave #100
Capitol Hill

85°C Bakery Cafe

Known as the "Starbucks of Taiwan," this wildly popular Taiwanese bakery and cafe chain offers affordable pastries and sweets, including fluffy brioche and cre…
501 S Jackson St
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Henry's Taiwan Plus

The stinky tofu is just as stinky (and delicious) here as at Rocking Wok, both owned by the Henry of the restaurant's name. Come for the tofu, stay for the fri…
504 S King St
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Bao House

This new restaurant in the International District serves Taiwanese steam buns stuffed with fillings like roast duck, fried chicken, and BBQ pork, as well as si…
514 S King St
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Blackball Desserts

This Taiwanese dessert shop offers treats like shaved ice, bubble tea, jellies, and puddings.
651 S King St
Seattle Chinatown-International District

TP Tea

Customers at this popular Taiwanese milk tea chain can customize their drinks with different sweetness levels, ice levels, and add-ons, including tapioca pearl…
679 S King St
Seattle Chinatown-International District


This Taiwanese chain serves bubble tea as well as Taiwanese desserts like "TorDa," a tea dessert filled with boba or red bean. Soft-opening November 25-Novemb…
530 Broadway E
Capitol Hill

19 Gold

This Taiwanese joint has racked up raves on Yelp for its authentic dishes, including malatang (a type of Chinese street food similar to hot pot), chilled tofu …
3601 Fremont Ave N Suite 101

Rocking Wok

Chinese-Taiwanese restaurant featuring comfort food classics like dim sum, fried rice, and xiao long bao. Delivery and takeout available.
4301 Interlake Ave N

H Mart

At long last, Asian supermarket H Mart has found its way to the Ave. What does this mean for you? For starters, you'll be able to find unique-in-the-States ite…
4216 University Way NE
Northeast Seattle

Capsule Cafe

This new Taiwanese cafe adds to the U-District's plentiful inexpensive offerings with snacky bites like braised pork, popcorn chicken, and onion rings. Guests …
4507 University Way NE
Northeast Seattle

Don't Yell At Me

This curiously named bubble tea shop owned by Taiwanese celebrity Yako Chan offers a variety of beverages as well as bubble waffles.
4511 The Ave
University District

Ding Tea

This Taiwanese bubble tea chain features flavors like winter melon, hokkaido, and matcha, as well as add-in options like sea cream, egg pudding, crystal boba a…
4725 University Way NE
Northeast Seattle

Yi Fang

This Taiwanese bubble tea chain claims to set itself apart from competitors by using fresh seasonal fruit and organic cane sugar and abstaining from artificial…
5000 University Way NE, Suite C
Northeast Seattle

Hangry Panda

This Taiwanese bubble tea shop serves drinks like Hong Kong milk tea and "panda milk" (black sesame swirled with milk and topped with salted cream cheese foam)…
7815 Aurora Ave N
Phinney Ridge

Kiki Bakery

This bakery serves up Taiwanese pastries and other sweets.
13200 Aurora Ave N
Haller Lake