All Japanese Restaurants with Delivery & Livestreaming near Seattle
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Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya

Kizuki urges you to “come slurp up a bowl and join us in our passion.” What is their passion, exactly? Ramen, which they claim to have the most authentic form …
320 E Pine St
Capitol Hill

Menya Musashi Niten Ichiryu

Menya Musashi Niten Ichiryu, a ramen chain with 14 restaurants in Japan and which recently opened its first U.S. location in Los Angeles, will replace the rece…
1510 Belmont Ave
Capitol Hill

Japonessa Sushi Cocina

The restaurant that replaced Union downtown: Japonessa Sushi Cocina. The head chef: Billy Beach, formerly of Umi Sake House and Kushibar (the owner also runs i…
1400 First Ave
Pike Place Market

Katsu-ya Seattle

The menu at this popular Japanese sushi chain features dishes like crispy rice with spicy tuna, yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño, Japanese ceviche, creamy popc…
122 Westlake Ave N
South Lake Union

Ramen Danbo

A traditional Fukuoka-style ramen joint offering creamy pork tonkotsu broth and customizable noodle options.
1222 E Pine St, Suite A
Capitol Hill


This spot is a favorite for its shockingly good deals on sushi and chirashi bowls.
512 S King St
Seattle Chinatown-International District


This new upscale sushi restaurant from the team behind Umi Sake House and Momiji in the former space of the recently closed high-end Korean steakhouse Girin se…
501 Stadium Pl S

Sushi Blossom

A new delivery-only sushi concept has cropped up in Chinatown-International District's Little Saigon. Offerings include nigiri, sashimi, donburi bowls, and ass…
1222 S Weller St Ste A
Seattle Chinatown-International District

Koku Cafe + Market

Sure, you've heard of umami, but what about kokumi? Kokumi is the elusive "sixth taste" that describes a "rich flavor" or mouthfeel found in fats, and it's als…
1417 Queen Anne Ave. N


This pint-sized Japanese spot from chef Mutsuko Soma, who was named one of Food and Wine's best new chefs for 2019, has racked up national accolades for its te…
1054 N 39th St


Yoroshiku, which occupies the space vacated by Joule, is a Japanese yakitori joint. The name is a catch-all Japanese word that doesn’t have a direct translatio…
1913 N 45th St

Bamboo Sushi

If you'd like to nosh on nigiri with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your seafood was sourced sustainably, look no further than this sleek Portland-b…
2623 NE University Village St
Northeast Seattle

Tanuki Izakaya

This Japanese restaurant in the U District serves yakitori, nigiri, sashimi, donburi, pressed sushi, tempura, and appetizers like chicken karaage and takoyaki.
5266 University Way NE
University District

Moshi Moshi Sushi

Moshi Moshi’s salient feature is the Tree, a two-story-high artificial cherry tree with LED-illuminated blossoms. It would be especially amazing if you were st…
5324 Ballard Ave NW
(206) 971-7424

Toyoda Sushi

Toyoda is the hidden gem of Lake City; its existence is a well-kept secret, spread mostly by word of mouth. The fish is unbelievably fresh and creamy: For whol…
12543 Lake City Way NE
Olympic Hills

Aloha Ramen

Formerly in Greenwood, Aloha Ramen has a classic Japanese ramen-ya menu: noodles, fried rice, gyoza. Some dishes are tweaked island-style, like the deeply grat…
3004 NE 127th St
Olympic Hills
731 Bell St
South Lake Union
266 116th Ave NE
6621 S 211th St