B-Side Foods

421 E Thomas St (Capitol Hill)
Seattle, WA 98102

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In a tiny nook around the corner from the excellent Analog Coffee, you'll find Analog's sibling, B-Side: your new favorite brunch spot, tiled in a Chiclet-pastel palette with a menu scrawled on a chalkboard. The egg sandwich with a slice of Beecher's Flagship cheese and daikon pickles, the veggie toast piled high with beets and fermented carrots, the rice bowl with house-pickled vegetables and a soft-boiled egg: You can't go wrong. But whatever you do, don't miss the life-giving sweet toast with Sea Wolf Bakers bread, which changes seasonally. One version in spring, with honey labneh, elderflower rhubarb jam, crumble topping, and fresh mint, evoked memories of my childhood garden. A fall variation, with peanut butter labneh, Concord grape coulis, chopped pickled apple, fresh banana slices, and crunchy banana crumble, somehow managed to taste more like PB&J than an actual PB&J. JULIANNE BELL

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