Cafe Munir

2408 NW 80th St (Loyal Heights)
Seattle, WA 98117

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Tucked away in a residential corner of Ballard, this Lebanese restaurant makes diners rethink ordinary ingredients. Hummus takes a star turn with the addition of lamb sizzled in butter, pears grab attention when mixed with tahini, pomegranate, and parsley, and simply grilled chicken skewers are the signature dish (though partial credit goes to the debaucherously garlicky sauce that comes with it). The lengthy menu of mezzes—small plates—highlights local, in-season vegetables with Middle Eastern flavors like baby onions preserved in Lebanese wine and honey with fresh cheese, and winter greens with Aleppo chili. And almost everything goes well with the traditional Lebanese spirit, arak, available plentifully here. NAOMI TOMKY

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