Clutch Cannabis

11537 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, Wa 98178
daily 8 am–11:45 pm

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Clutch Cannabis is located across the street from the Renton Municipal Airport, a stone's throw from the red, purple, and gold tails of Southwest Airlines planes. "Some people just come right here, bags still in hand," budtender Zach Wright said. "First stop after they land is Clutch. We get customers from all over the world."

Clutch Cannabis is a sponsor of the Stranger Genius Awards, so I was familiar with the place by name, but I had never been down to the shop until recently. The storefront is black, gray, and aqua, and inside is a small yet sleek space that has everything you could possibly need, including things I hadn't seen in other stores, like a collection of dab rigs that ran the spectrum from $40 to $500. "We have an immense concentrates collection," Wright added. "We have some THC crystalline right now, have you heard of that?" He showed me a product from Oleum Extracts, a small jar of tiny white crystals. "You dab it at a high temperature. It's extremely psychoactive."

As for more accessible products—flower, edibles, sodas, candies—they have all that stuff, too. Wright recommended an indica strain called Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien, made by Secrets Gardens of Washington. It comes in a glass jar and has a tiger on the label. "That's a store favorite," Wright said. "It's got a fantastic smoke, very creamy and grapey. It's the bee's knees."

Another budtender walked by and, just from the description he overheard, guessed, "Is that Crouching?"

Wright smiled and looked back at me, saying, "Everyone here loves Crouching." CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE

Early bird specials at this Renton joint are 8 to 10 a.m. weekdays with $1 off pre-rolls and $3 off premium flower ($15 grams and up).
daily 8 am–11:45 pm

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