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Chef Cam Hanin runs this pop-up specializing in "naturally fermented, naturally weird" pizza and other dishes.

During the coronavirus crisis of March 2020, GPK has announced: "I don't have much to offer the community as a small business owner except, well, pizza. Starting today I'll be taking orders for pick up this Friday 3/20. How does it work? Good question

This pizza frenzy will be PAY WHAT YOU WILL, I won't have assigned prices, I won't be running your card and payment isn't mandatory. $0 or $100, you get fed all the same. There's more tho, I'll be taking 20% of any profits to try and keep this pizza machine running as long as I am able or I am told otherwise (don't be a narc) the other 80% will be donated and split between the Ballard Food Bank which serves as a buffer for the homeless and low income and the Jessica Joyce organized GoFundMe that is developing for an industry where the majority of folks no longer have a job and no safety net to catch em. I am happy to produce any receipts for inquiring minds at the end of this thing if you are questioning where the money will be going.

Our pizzas usually $10, a quart of beany soup would run you $7. Use this to your own judgement depending on how much you choose to pay that's how this whole thing works. Pick ups will be from 4pm to 8pm in the Ballard area, you pull up in my driveway and I'll give you your order that's it see ya later. Everything will be done in 15 minute timeslots. All transactions will be done through Venmo. Do you know someone who needs a meal? Pick it up and drop it off for them. Asking to keep it to 4 pizzas and 2 quarts of soup per person just to try and feed as many people as I can. Limited options unfortunately, just cheese, pepperoni and tomato pie. Soup d'jour will be an appropriately hearty bean and kale concoction.

DMs are open now for those who want in on the action, I'll respond shortly with an available time slot for Friday, my Venmo account for those who are volunteering to pay and my address. Let me know if you have any questions. Would appreciate a small signal boost if you are inclined. Hopefully we can keep this thing goin in the coming weeks. That's all folks."

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