Have a Heart Greenwood

300 NW 85th St (Greenwood)
Seattle, WA 98117
daily 8 am–11:45 pm

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Have a Heart kind of looks like an auto repair shop from the outside, thanks to its green-and-white-checkered building. Once you're inside, though, it's a different story. This rec store immediately reminded me of a clean Las Vegas casino, with its blindingly bright lights lining squeaky-clean glass displays and TV menus mounted into the wall.

Of the recreational stores I visited in Greenwood, Have a Heart was by far the most packed. During the half hour I spent perusing the shop, a cast of characters waltzed through the door: a punky skateboarder who came in for a Blue Dream pre-roll ($10–$12), a dad with salt-and-pepper hair examining pipes, and a quiet grandmother in a fur coat who squinted at a case of edibles.

The budtenders were friendly, possibly even overeager. One with a triple eyebrow piercing chatted at length about her favorite Green Labs truffles ($6–$35), which include pumpkin spice and apple crisp pie. "The 10 [milligram] can knock you down," she told me. When prompted, another budtender eagerly explained to me how dabbing works. All the while, a redheaded woman swiped a feather duster across the already immaculately clean counter.

If you want to feel taken care of or need someone to hold your hand as you figure out which strain to try today, this is the place to go. ANA SOFIA KNAUF
daily 8 am–11:45 pm

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