Herbs House

716 NW 65th St (Phinney Ridge)
Seattle, WA 98117
Daily 8 am-10 pm
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At Herbs House, "we have everything, and we have a lot of everything," one of the friendly guys behind the counter tells me. He also lets me know the place recently got a little bit of a face-lift, and he points up to the high walls above the cash registers. There's a mural, by local artist Joshua Boulet, of a big red dragon getting high. Near him, a sweet Sasquatch fingers a fat joint. Yeah.

Herbs House is in a house. It's informal, comfortable. It has a fireplace (without fire), and a great big mirror above the mantel where a black sign advertises the daily specials in neon marker. (Herbs House is across the street from the Ballard Goodwill, and I cannot decide whether it would be better to get stoned before going to this epic Goodwill, or after.) Before pot was legalized, Herbs House was medicinal-only. In 2015 it became the full-service recreational store it is now. On a Thursday afternoon, there was a (fast-moving) line.

The menu is a flip-book of neonish-green pages (think the color of Martians) that's extensive. It's a lot like a menu in a roadside restaurant that's got every dish you could want. Here, there are pot chocolates and cookies and sweets like peanut butter cups, of course, but also pot sodas, pot coffee, pot caramels, and pot rice crackers. There's a daily special of something that costs $4.20 all day, and it's often hard candies or single-gram joints.

Local artists can put up their work for three months; to get in, they put their names on a waiting list. (Currently up are stenciled images on canvas of pop-culture pot lovers like Bill Murray, looking cool, by Court Hoffman.)

Who knew there were this many local marijuana-related magazines? They are here for the taking. As far as equipment goes, there isn't much, but there is at least one glass bong so marvelously elaborate that it must be from Tatooine. JEN GRAVES
Daily 8 am-10 pm

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