Lucinda Grain Bar

22124 NE 65th St. (Northeast Seattle)
Seattle, WA 98115
Wed-Sun 4 pm-close
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Can't get into Edouardo Jordan's award-winning, sought-after Ravenna restaurants JuneBaby and Salare? Good news: Jordan has opened a new, more casual restaurant called Lucinda Grain Bar next to JuneBaby. The bar, which is named after Jordan's sister and great-grandmother and seats about 20 guests, highlights heirloom grains such as millet, wheat berries, and buckwheat in every dish: the menu includes a bread basket, bar snacks, pressed sandwiches, grain bowls, and desserts like steel-cut oats and red quinoa porridge with einkorn ice cream and sorghum syrup.
Wed-Sun 4 pm-close

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