Miyabi 45th

2208 N 45th St (Wallingford)
Seattle, WA 98103
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Gourmands and Japanophiles, rejoice: Seattle finally has a soba joint! Brought to us by Mutsuko Soma—formerly of Harvest Vine, Chez Shea, and Saito’s—Miyabi 45th offers esoteric delights like the “famous uni shot” and skate wings with pickled plum, along with the main attraction, soba made in-house from Washington grain. Served hot or cold, with or without broth, the mildly bouncy, delicately earthy buckwheat noodles come in a variety of guises, some hearty (duck and leek), some light (mushrooms and truffle oil). The hiyashi tanuki bukkake soba, a refreshing cold noodle salad, invokes not only the eponymous porn genre, but tanuki, the jolly, giant-balled raccoon-dog of Japanese folklore. A refined but comfortable Euro-Japanese setting completes the experience.

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