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South Park's beloved Tex Mex-Asian fusion food counter, which The Stranger's Tobias Coughlin-Bogue praised for its "adventurous flavor combinations" and which closed in January 2018, is re-opening as a food truck and will have its grand opening outside Bar CIudad on March 23. The new menu features signature sandwiches like "The Gringo" (sliced steak, sautéed onions, habanero bechamel, and Phorale sweet and spicy sauce on a house-made bolillo) and "The Fuego" (pork marinated with Phorale spicy sauce, pickled vegetables, and garlic cilantro mayo on a bolillo), pho with a sous-vide egg, and "munchies" like 12-hour sous-vide pork belly, Phorale fries (fries with a choice of meat, avocado crema salsa, and habanero), "sucio wings," and "chimichino" (spicy pork egg roles with avocado crema and salsa).

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