Puzzle Break

1423 10th Ave (studios B and D) (First Hill)
Seattle, WA 98122

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You and a group can take a crack at escaping from an imaginatively themed room (think underwater laboratory, witch-inhabited kingdom, the future—right now you escape from "20,000 Leagues" and a "Midnight Carnival"), which you will be locked inside of for an hour. A situation in which the old adage "communication is key" could ring quite true. Contributing writer Meg Van Huygen wrote: "The first Seattle room escape opened in late 2013. ... They're really, really hard, with maybe 50 different clues to Easter-egg out per room, and time is short. The cost is comparable to the competition's ($30 per person), but the production values are noticeably higher. The highly creative clues and overall game structure make Puzzle Break the best game in town, at least for now."

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