Skelly and the Bean

2359 10th Ave E (Northeast Seattle)
Seattle, WA 98102
Wed-Sat 5-10 pm, Sun 5-9 pm
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(Kelly O)
Skelly and the Bean is the labor of love of the awesomely named Zephyr Paquette (Poco Wine Room, Elliott Bay Cafe, Dandelion, Café Flora). Near the Roanoke, where Easy Joe’s/Tidbit Bistro/XO Bistro/Cassis used to be, S.a.t.B. is all local/organic/etc., put together with tons of volunteer effort (thanked on a Wall of Love) and donated/scavenged tables and chairs. It also houses "Incubator Series" pop-ups, cookbook launch parties, and more food-oriented community stuff. Regarding the name: Skelly is a kid who gave Paquette an initial investment of $10 ($7 in coins) to open the place; the Bean is his less-wealthy little sister.
Wed-Sat 5-10 pm, Sun 5-9 pm

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