Swedish Cultural Center

1920 Dexter Ave N (Westlake)
Seattle, WA 98109
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Better known as the Swedish Club, Seattle's Swedish Cultural Center was founded in Seattle in 1892 (!). It's devoted to "promoting a better understanding between the United States and the Scandinavian countries through learning about, practicing, and celebrating the culture and traditions of Scandinavia, with an emphasis on Sweden." It's located in an unstoppably excellent example of mid-century modern architecture—the lobby with open-air staircase is marvelous—which just so happens to have an unstoppably excellent view of Lake Union, particularly from the second-floor bar and lounge, which just so happens to have a balcony. Every Friday evening, prospective members (that's you!) are invited to come and drink and enjoy it all, with smörgås sandwiches and other Swedish snacks available, plus live music.

Upcoming Events at Swedish Cultural Center

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