Vietnam House

1038 S Jackson St (Yesler Terrace)
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 325-0180
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Next door to Tamarind Tree is a more casual, family-friendly spot that’s serving up some of the best authentic, no-fuss Vietnamese cuisine in the city. It’s covered in wall-to-wall faux brick wallpaper, and large groups of young and old diners sit around slurping bowls of rich bún bò huế (the other popular Vietnamese soup you need to know about). There’s so much more to Vietnamese cuisine beyond pho, and you’ll find a lot of the favorites here, like bánh xèo, crispy Vietnamese pork and shrimp pancakes, and endless rice plate combos like com tam dac biet with grilled pork chops, deep-fried bean curd, and egg. Let your kind server guide you through the menu and order you a Heineken that’s served warm over a glass of ice, no questions asked. KARA TIERNAN

Upcoming Events at Vietnam House

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