Band Aid


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Stranger Says:

It’s strange the way movies can make you like people who would annoy you in real life. The married couple at the center of this surprisingly affecting and well-modulated feelings comedy are archetypal white millennial trash: a failed writer/Uber driver and a half-assed graphic designer who live on the east side of Los Angeles, smoke tons of weed, can’t/won’t fuck each other, and generally feel mordantly disaffected from their ever-more-successful contemporaries. Then Anna (writer-director Zoe Lister-Jones) has the idea of forming a band and transforming their recurring arguments into songs. It’s a thin premise that goes a long way because the songs are pretty good and the performers are game and credible. Midway through, you look up and realize you weirdly care about these people because they’re funny, and suffering is relative, and empathy exists in the world. Fred Armisen is very good as the band’s weirdo neighbor-drummer.
by Sean Nelson
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Zoe Lister-Jones
Adam Pally, Fred Armisen, Zoe Lister-Jones