Birth, a film depicting the quasi-supernatural attraction between a widow and a 10-year-old boy, offers up enough raw queasy promise in its premise to make John Waters weep, but depicts its borderland material with such stately and pristine reserve that it's hard to imagine it offending anyone. Nicole Kidman, wearing a rather too-apt Rosemary's Baby hairdo, plays Anna, an upper-crust New York ice maiden whose imminent nuptials are rocked by the sudden appearance of a spooky-cute unblinking kid who claims to be possessed by her decade-dead husband. Laughed off at first, the initially unwelcome visitor reveals an increasing number of intimate details that cause Anna to rethink her thoughts on the afterlife, social status, family ties, and most creepily, the local legal age of consent.

by Andrew Wright
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Jonathan Glazer
Lauren Bacall, Cameron Bright, Danny Huston, Nicole Kidman