Chicken People

Stranger Says:

This is one of those documentaries that open a window into a whole other way of life: in this case, competitive chicken breeders. These single-minded people are striving to create the ideal bird that will win grand champion at the big chicken show. Who knew there were so many ways to groom a chicken? Baths, beauty products on the feathers, comb enhancers, blow-drying. These folks lay it out there with their personal problems: alcoholism, low self-esteem, relationship issues, bullying, panic attacks—and how raising chickens has helped their lives get better. As one person says: “Poultry is a bit of an oasis for me. Chickens don’t judge you.” Chicken People is very entertaining, and I’m sure all the chicken fans around here will love it. (GILLIAN ANDERSON)
by Gillian Anderson
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