Ghost Town Anthology

Stranger says: A rural Quebecois town, riven by tragedy, is haunted by silent figures in this mysterious not-quite-horror film. Shot on 16mm, the movie explores the aftermath of a young man’s possible suicide. While the mayor insists that the town’s residents are strong enough to carry on, strange figures from the past are intruding on the present, and a newcomer experiences a bizarre transformation. Critics are calling Ghost Town Anthology a meditation on grief and the plight of the depopulated countryside. (JOULE ZELMAN)

SIFF says: When a young man commits suicide—or did he?—the insularity of his small Quebec town intensifies the grief and the mystery, especially after visions from the past start to reappear.

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Denis Côté
Jean-Michel Anctil, Normand Carrière, Larissa Corriveau