Green Days by the River

Stranger Says:

In 1950s Trinidad, Shell is a charismatic 15-year-old who has moved to a new rural community. It is a beautiful place, all shades of green with lovely meandering rivers. He faces the usual teenage dilemmas: which girl to like, what job to get, what he wants versus what his parents want for him. The culture of Trinidad is fascinating, with descendants of Africans and East Indians mixing it up together, and it all comes into play in the film when young people come together (speaking their lyrical English Creole). The story is centered on the characters; they exist only in this place, with little entering from the outside world—and the gorgeous soundtrack helps carry it all along.
by Gillian Anderson
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Michael Mooleedhar
Vanessa Bartholomew, Dara Healy, Nadia Kandhai