On Borrowed Time

Stranger Says:

It’s hard not to root for the elderly gentlemen of Yasir Al-Yasiri’s anti-ageist dramedy. In a culture that venerates family ties, the Four Musketeers are cut off from everyone except each other and the staffers, like lovelorn nurse Khaled, at their Dubai retirement home. When one man inherits a fortune, they rent a recording studio, buy sparkly new threads, and visit a disco, leading relatives and managerial types to treat them like unruly children, but the men get the last laugh. It’s Grumpy Old Men–style silly at times, but worth watching just for Saad Al Faraj’s sweetly sympathetic performance.
by Kathy Fennessy
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Yasir Al-Yasiri
Sad Al-Faraj, Salloum Haddad, Mansoor Alfeeli