Stranger Says: After a fateful encounter at the doctor’s office, a long-suffering Mediterranean housewife finds herself bombarded by visions of a life without her boorish husband. Said daydreams rarely end peacefully. Tonia Mishiali’s absorbingly odd directorial debut keeps the viewer hopping throughout, combining grim routine and violent flights of fancy to fascinatingly wobbly effect. (A running gag involving a chatty neighbor with a fondness for cosmetic surgery just kills, every time.) The film jumps between humdrum reality and surreal gallows humor with ease, anchored (barely) by Stella Fyrogeni’s tremendously adaptable lead performance. Whenever her eyes get that faraway look, watch out. (ANDREW WRIGHT)

SIFF Says: Trapped in domestic misery and a decaying marriage, the menopausal Elpida’s only solace is to retreat into creative fantasies of vengeance which threaten to bleed into her day-to-day existence in this bleakly humorous social drama.

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Tonia Mishiali
Popi Avraam, Stella Fyrogeni, Andreas Vasileiou