Presenting Princess Shaw

Stranger Says:

This documentary must be seen with two others in this festival, Sonita and Marzia, My Friend. These documentaries (which concern young and poor women who live with very difficult pasts and are trying to take control of their futures) are connected in ways that deserve careful examination and deep discussion. In Presenting Princess Shaw, a young black American woman, Princess, who lives on her own in New Orleans, has a very challenging job, and, for spiritual relief, sings her own songs on YouTube, and is discovered by a musician who lives on a kibbutz in Israel. The musician, Kutiman, brilliantly mixes/loops/chops Princess’s YouTube clip into a dreamy tune that becomes an internet hit. This is not a rags-to-riches story but rags to that one moment in your life that redeems all the other ones, all the pain. Those who can remember Hirokazu Koreeda’s 1998 masterpiece After Life will get my meaning. This is the moment that becomes eternal. (CHARLES MUDEDE)
by Charles Mudede
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Princess Shaw, Kutiman