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When Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became president of Liberia in 2006, and thereby the first woman president of Africa, the future looked very promising for the little West African country. Many really thought that she would break with the long and ugly past, end corruption, and make transparent the government’s management of the country’s resources. But that did not happen. Multinational corporations continued to extract wood and minerals with little or no concern about the environment or the law. When the sharp activist Silas Siakor exposed this rampant corruption with a team he trained in the tactics of recording and gathering evidence, Sirleaf’s international reputation took a hit. She began threatening Siakor like a gangster. There was no difference between her and Africa’s notorious Big Men. If you watch this doc, be sure to also watch The African Storm.
by Charles Mudede
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Hawa Essuman, Anjali Nayar