The African Storm

Stranger Says:

The African country in this very entertaining film is, like Black Panther’s Wakanda, fictional. Also like Wakanda, it’s run by an enlightened leader, played by the director Sylvestre Amoussou. But whereas the leader of Wakanda is in the process of opening his country to the world, the leader of Tangara wants to close his by nationalizing all the major industries and imposing capital controls. Western corporations hire a French economic hit woman to destabilize Tangara’s democracy and incite a civil war. Innocent people are raped and killed, politicians are bought, and the free press is threatened. Will Tangara’s experiment with black economic independence survive this ferocious attack? The film’s ending is as real as the country. (Those who watch this must also watch Silas.)
by Charles Mudede
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Sylvestre Amoussou
Sylvestre Amoussou, Sandrine Bulteau, Philippe Caroit