24 Places to Pick Up Food for A Picnic in Seattle This Summer 2020

Places to Get Charcuterie, Fried Chicken, Natural Wine, and Other Provisions
August 17, 2020
DeLaurenti Food & Wine has everything you need to build a perfect charcuterie board. (Delaurenti via instagram)

The weather has been mighty fine lately, and there's still plenty of time on the clock for your socially distant moveable feasts. We've got you covered with plenty of portable provisions that will taste great al fresco, from fried chicken to charcuterie to cheese, so you can pack up your basket and go. Some places are even offering pre-assembled picnic kits for extra simplicity. For ideas for where to picnic, check out this guide to the best parks and beaches in Seattle. (And in the case of less-than-stellar weather, you can always picnic indoors!)

Miri's at Golden Gardens
If you're planning on laying out your blanket at one of Seattle's favorite beaches, do yourself or your mini-group a solid and pop by Miri Plowman and Gabe Skoda's concession stand. They've got picnic platters with cheese, nuts, and dried fruit; kebabs; Full Tilt ice cream bars; poffertjes (mini Dutch pancakes); and more options.

Century Ballroom
Order your fancy picnic basket for two for pickup every Wednesday-Sunday (just remember to place your order 48 hours beforehand) for a smorgasbord of delights like gazpacho, pickled veggies, blondies, and champagne.

Cure Cocktail
This cute little charcuterie bar has its picnic game in the name; their charcuterie plate (aka their Ultimate Picnic Board) comes with several kinds of meat, cheese, and other such snacks.

Joyce's Market And Cafe
On your way to Madison Park Beach, this specialty neighborhood market/bistro/cheese bar is a must.

Oddfellows Cafe + Bar
Linda Derschang's airy, Elliott Bay Book Company-adjacent cafe makes a cured meat and cheese plate perfect for snacking on in a sunbeam or shadebeam. Get a chocolate chip cookie or one of their house-made Rice Krispy treats for dessert.

Slab Sandwiches and Pie
Lark's severely underrated casual lunch spot is one of Seattle's best-kept secrets, and you can get a daily rotating selection of sandwiches and toasty things here. The salted chocolate chip cookies made by Lark co-owner JM Enos are seriously good.

Vios Cafe
If hummus, falafel sandwiches, and Greek wine are your picnic jam, stop by this Greek spot on your way to Volunteer or Miller Park. Their takeout menu also includes vegetarian and meat-lovers' picnic packs that include several different dishes.

Volunteer Park Cafe
Even closer to Capitol Hill's biggest park, VPC's "always fresh goodness” motto translates well to the picnic food universe, with plenty of rotating sandwich, salad, and dessert specials. 

Westman’s Bagel and Coffee
For a New York-style spread, pick up some bagels and assorted schmears to go, sandwiches with lox or whitefish salad, and pastries of the day (like rugelach or challah) from Monica Dimas's Capitol Hill bagel shop. They've paused online ordering and delivery for now, but their walk-up window is busy as ever.

Bavarian Meats
This German deli and Pike Place staple, which former Stranger contributor Tobias Coughlin-Bogue once described as a "glorious panoply of sausage," features an array of delicious offerings like landjaeger from which to assemble the meaty picnic of your dreams. Find their stuff at their Pike Place shop or very likely at your nearest grocery store.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese
Pick up a wedge or two from the artisan Pike Place cheesemaker to pair with some good bread and fruit, and you're set.

Ben Paris
On Sundays, this Americana restaurant is cooking up special Backyard BBQ menus for two people, complete with baby back ribs, corn bread, mac salad, carrot cake, and other barbecue staples that work equally well in a picnic setting. Add on a pint of Kraken punch if you're feeling bold. 

DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine
We'd be remiss not to mention this Pike Place deli, a near-encyclopedic emporium of incredible cheese, olives, prosciutto, charcuterie, artisan breads, and other perfect things to round out your outdoor smorgasbord.

Le Panier
Preorder some baguettes, sandwiches, and pastries from the French-style patisserie/boulangerie for pickup or delivery and pretend like you're in Paris.

Uli's Famous Sausage
Imagine you're far away in Deutschland as you tuck into this Pike Place standby's German Brat Box, complete with four German-style bratwurst and buns, kraut, housemade curry ketchup, mustard, and onions, Bierbites, and Haribo Goldbears. Perfect.

If you're picnicking somewhere where alcohol is not verboten (most public parks don't allow it), grab a bottle of natural wine from this Fremont shop. On the food front, score some travel-friendly macaroni salad with crunchy veggies and herbs, or their Happy Hour Kit that comes with an abundance of salami, cheese, pickles, and other snacky things (plus more wine).

Sea Wolf Bakers
Run by brothers Kit and Jesse Schumann, you'll see Sea Wolf's excellent sourdough bread gracing the menu at just about every Seattle restaurant worth its salt, from the restaurants of Renee Erickson to L'Oursin to Eden Hill. Treat yourself to a beautiful boule—just be sure to order online ahead of time.

Preserve & Gather
The Greenwood bakery and coffee shop sells their house-made pickles, condiments, and preserves, which you can buy on the spot or by ordering ahead for pickup.

The London Plane
Matt Dillon's Pioneer Square restaurant has a small shop where you can buy sundries like flowers, loaves of their sourdough bread, their house-made preserved foods, bottles of wine, and other specialty foods. For even more convenient picnicking, grab one of their snack packs, which includes housemade focaccia and rye crackers, cheese, pickles, and more.

The cured meats, including salamis, prosciuttos, coppa, pancetta, prosciutto, soppressata, tongue, and cured lamb, and hot and cold sandwiches at this world-famous shop are picnic-perfect.

Tat’s Delicatessen
This deli is a favorite for its hearty, messy, outsized sandwiches, which you can order online for curbside pickup.

Hitchcock Deli
Hitchcock makes excellent sandwiches, and all of their impeccably sourced charcuterie and accompaniments, like pickles and kraut, are made in-house from scratch.
Bainbridge Island

Cone & Steiner
This eclectic artisan neighborhood market has a nicely curated selection of prepared offerings. You can pre-order your deli, snacks, and other items for delivery or pickup from the Pioneer Square and Capitol Hill locations.
Pioneer Square & Capitol Hill (downtown temporarily closed)

Ezell’s Chicken
Fried chicken is a picnic classic, and you can't do better than the certified Oprah favorite's chicken dinner combos. Don't forget the sweet potato pie.
Rainier Valley, Central District, Wallingford, Renton, Woodinville, Lynnwood, Bellevue

Rachel's Ginger Beer
To drink, grab a growler of the ever-popular spicy-sweet elixir.
Downtown, Capitol Hill, University District

The Works
If you like the idea of customizing your own picnic but need a little head start, the Works' Perfect Picnic Class is a good call. It comes with Quickles Pickle concentrate for pickling things in a pinch, Drifters Fish salmon to eat out of the can or however you like it, Girl Meets Dirt cutting preserves and shrubs, and a mini tin of Jacobsen salt.