Haunted Houses & Attractions to Visit in Seattle This October 2020: COVID-Safe Edition

Stalker Farms, the Georgetown Morgue, and Other Such Spooks
October 6, 2020
Ghouls of Snohomish are lurking in the corn fields at Stalker Farms' drive-through haunt. (They also have a family-friendly on-foot version.) (Stalker Farms Haunted Attractions via Facebook)

With social distancing in place this Halloween, you won't have to worry about actors in creepy rubber prosthetics grazing your coat sleeve as you hyperventilate your way through a corn maze. That said, those who get their thrills from ghastly creatures of the night can still look forward to plenty of chills in the form of online ghost tours, haunted drive-throughs, and other COVID-safe experiences. We've rounded them up below, from the Georgetown Morgue to Thomas Family Farm Haunts.


Virtual Ghost Tour
Tacoma's haunted past will come to light in this virtual story-filled haunt with the South Sound savants at Pretty Gritty Tours. 


Stalker Farms: Drive-Thru Haunted Attractions
Ghouls of Snohomish are back in the habit of lurking in ye olde haunted corn trails. Rather than completing the maze on foot, you'll at least get to cower in the safety of your car as the lot of them jump out at you at this drive-in edition. Be sure to book your spot online first. They also have a "no scare" on-foot version that includes unlimited use of the Ball Zone, Konk the Crow, Wall Ball, Roller Bowler, Farmer Foosball, and one apple to use at Billy Bob’s Blaster Alley.
Stocker Farms (Snohomish)

Thomas Family Farm Haunts
You'll have to wait until 2021 (hopefully) for zombie paintball and the Nightmare on 9 haunted house, but that doesn't mean you can't still be scared at Thomas Family Farm this year. They've modified their Haunted Hayride and Flashlight Corn Maze for social distancing requirements and added a brand-new Night Pumpkin Patch experience.
Thomas Family Farm (Snohomish)


Haunted Forest At Grand Farms
This "part renfair and all scare faire" (nice) will actualize your medieval horror fantasies and nightmares as you tread through Grand Farms' haunted forest.
Grand Farms (Vaughn)


Port Gamble Ghost Walk
Port Gamble is known to be rife with ghosts and paranormal activity. This tour takes you through some of the town's most "active" buildings, so bring a buddy. Cameras and any ghost hunting equipment you might have lying around are encouraged in case you want to capture any creepy scenes.
Port Gamble Historic Museum (Port Gamble)


The Roller Barn Presents: The Spooky Museum
Freakish animatronics, macabre props, and spooky decor will take the place of your usual human-intervention jump scares at this haunted museum. We feel obliged to tell you that this place is filled with clowns.
Roller Barn (Oak Harbor)


Haunted Hayride
Ghosts, skeletons, pond monsters, and other creepy-but-harmless characters will punctuate this drive-through hayride along a pumpkin-lined trail.
Battle Point Park (Bainbridge Island)

OCTOBER 24 & 31

Haunted Town Tours
The pistol-spinning, hard-bitten miners, loggers, millhands, and cement-plant workers who called Concrete, Washington home in the early 1900s are said to have some unfinished businesses around these parts. This tour of the historic town might be the day you hear their ghostly howls.
Concrete Chamber Office


Maris Farms Haunted Woods
From a flashlight corn maze to a trek through the haunted Buckley woods, the farm will provide a month's worth of limited-capacity scary activities.
Maris Farms (Buckley)


Frighthouse Station: Abomination Interactive Film
Frighthouse Station may be going virtual this year, but don't expect its haunts to be any less terrifying. The week leading up to All Hallows' Eve brings a choose-your-own-adventure film experience that allows you to determine the fate of others. We guess that makes the flesh-and-blood participants the scariest part. Here's the gist, courtesy of the organizers: "One hundred years have passed since Handstitch Addy's horrific experiments in reanimation, her memory buried underground and forgotten. Until now. Lights have returned to the Black Lake Sanitarium. Voices echo in Addy's ancestral home. Then there are the dire messages from the Children of Addy, a cult devoted to relearning her unholy science. A shadowy organization has summoned you to investigate. You must help a strike team uncover the truth. Will they survive? Or will your indecision cost them their lives?" 


Haunted Headlights
Take a "slightly spooky" drive through an eerily lit and apparition-laden path along Frontier Park. Keep in mind that skittish children might appreciate the earlier time slot.
Frontier Park (Graham)


Old Town Tacoma Ghost Tour
This small-group tour takes you through Tacoma's charred Chinatown and back to "a sea town struggling to stay afloat in an ocean of sin, brothels, murder, racism, psychics, and a maritime curse that bound it all together." 
Job Carr Cabin (Tacoma)


Georgetown Morgue
This annual haunted village of doom—which takes place in an actual former morgue—hosts scares all throughout autumn. This year's rig is fashioned for self-guided tours to ensure social distancing.
Georgetown Morgue