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All events near Seattle

Thu, Aug 6

Lemur Science! And Trivia?

Mon & Thu, through Aug 27
6 am
  • Free

John Behr

Every day, from Aug 6 - Aug 29
Capitol Hill

Not Too Small - Not Too Big

Thu - Sat, through Aug 22
Pioneer Square

River, Forks, Canyon & Corks

Multiple dates between Aug 6 - Aug 23
Pike Pine Retail Core
  • $99 - $189

Andy Heck Boyd: Dagwood Duck and Co.

Every day, through Aug 14
Northeast Seattle


Every day, through Aug 22

Doe Bay Fest

Every day, through Aug 31
  • 21+


Every day, through Aug 31
Pioneer Square
Seattle Chinatown-International District
  • Free

Courageous Dialogue

Sat & Sun, from Aug 6 - Aug 29
West Queen Anne

Rebuilding Paradise

Every day, through Aug 13
Northeast Seattle


Every day, through Aug 31
Central Business District

Group Show

Every day, from Aug 6 - Aug 29
  • Free