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A story told in five parts, Alone is a remake of the Swedish film Försvunnen. It's a lean and effective survival story about a road trip gone awry—and it more than surpasses its source material. Jessica, played by Jules Wilcox, has packed up all her possessions into a U-Haul and moved without telling anyone. She's running from a recent loss and wants to start over in the Pacific Northwest. She gets much more than she bargained for when a man, played by a menacing Marc Menchaca, begins pursuing and harassing her. What starts as a misunderstanding on the road becomes a game of cat and mouse as Jessica must overcome various obstacles, from a punctured tire to a series of gruesome injuries, to be free of her pursuer. What makes Alone stand out from other cat-and-mouse stories is how Jessica handles her situation. Far too often, characters are either trapped by their circumstances with no agency or—even worse—make terrible decisions that undercut the tension. Jessica makes a series of smart choices to try to escape her situation, making it more tense when they don’t work. The real fear comes from a character taking the best course of action only to have it not be enough. 


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