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Andrew Lloyd Weekend

This is an online event · Online
Every Friday, Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber (or whoever runs his YouTube) has been posting videos of concerts, tributes, and filmed productions of Andrew Lloyd Weber shows. They're available to watch for 48 hours, they're free, and not only are they delightful things to look forward to every weekend, they're also serving as fundraisers for various arts and health causes (he asks people to make donations if they can). Bravo, Sir Andy! Of course, Weber’s work being what it is, there's a lot of weird backstory, trivia, and cultural ephemera attached to each weekly show. And ohhhh boy, are we fortunate that this weekend’s show is none other than 1998’s filmed direct-to-video version of the best/worst musical ever made: Cats! Now and forever. MATT BAUME


Seattle, WA 98104
This is an online event

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