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#BlackLivesMatter March For Black Lives

Sun Jun 14
Westlake Park Pike Pine Retail Core
Black Lives Matter Seattle Original* will host a protest in Westlake Park demanding swift justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other black Americans killed by white police officers.

*Important Note: The Black Lives Matter Seattle Original organization that is planning this event is different from the official Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County group. According to a June 3 press release, BLMSKC "is not involved in the coordination or planning of any public, in-person gatherings, meetings, or protests, which includes any events planned for June 14th." Since that release, BLMSKC has announced that they are planning a General Strike and Silent March for June 12th, which we recommend attending instead of this event on the 14th. The Black Lives Matter Seattle Original event on the 14th is rumored to be a fraud.