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This event has been canceled
Sat Aug 8, 7 pm
Barboza First Hill
$19 - $21
"Buscabulla is an experimental Puerto Rican duo whose savvy, smooth fusion melds indie dance-pop and hooky electro with slick funk, and breezy post-chill grooves with a plethora of Boricua beats, from bachata, reggaeton, and merengue to bomba, plena, and salsa. They have played to delighted audiences in the clubs of Brooklyn, on the white beaches of Aguadilla, and the Coachella stage. From their Kitsune-issued debut EP in 2014 to their 2017 club smash 'Tártaro' from their self-released second EP, to their eye-popping video single for 2019's 'Vámono,' the pair actively seek to erase boundaries between low and high culture with imagination, activism, style, and humor." (Promo Copy)


925 E Pike St Seattle, WA 98122
Venue website