California Cuisine with DJ CIDE!

This event is in the past
Tue Nov 24, 5 pm
This is an online event · De La Soil
"The question may be asked "what exactly is California cuisine?" -
I look at various things but largely define it with the combination of either timeless dishes created in California, ingredients directly sourced from California (traditionally with no equal like the Monterey Bay Uni I will be sourcing) or staple dishes from pioneering California chefs like Roy Choi and his literal creation of the "food truck movement" that swept over my industry like wildfire, delicious wildfire :)
This menu will be delivered Tuesday, November 24th with a special gift!
De La Soils very own DJCIDE is working up a gorgeous mix of California music to enjoy with dinner, to enhance the experience-
Give you the sense of distant travel during this time of very little exposure." (Promo Copy)

Full menu below.


Roy Choi's Kogi BBQ pork taco in lettuce wrap, pickled cucumber

Cobb salad ON avocado toast, confit chicken, zoes bacon, tomato, chicken skin crackling, baby gem lettuce, point reyes blue cheese

Slow roasted sunchokes, hazelnut pesto, feta cheese

Monterey Bay Sea urchin (uni) bucatini, zoes bacon, chive, bread crumbs

"Hot fudge sundae parfait" banana curd, vanilla whip, pisatchio, maple fudge, topped with a toschi cherry