Citizens’ Initiative Review 2021—LWV Explains This Important Legislation

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Mon Jan 18, 5 - 6:30 pm
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"Ballot measures in Washington drive some of the state’s largest policy and fiscal decisions, yet voters often find measures too complicated or confusing to understand. Accurate and unbiased information is not only difficult to come by, but it is often drowned out by well-funded campaigns advocating for or against an initiative This can result in passage of initiatives with huge budget impacts requiring the legislature to drastically change the budget or overturn the initiative. Solution: A pilot project of the Citizens’ Initiative Review will put accurate, clear and trustworthy information into the hands of Washington voters, cutting through the noise by providing them with an objective and factual evaluation using a unique deliberative process based on solid evidence


How it Works
• A panel of Washington citizens is randomly selected and demographically balanced to match the state’s electorate along seven key criteria (gender, age, ethnicity, geographic location, party affiliation, educational attainment, and past voter participation)

• The panel takes several days to evaluate a statewide ballot measure, hearing directly from
policy experts as well as advocates for and against the measure.

• Panelists collectively draft a Citizens’ Statement highlighting the most important findings about the measure, as well as the strongest reasons to support or oppose it.

• Each Citizens’ Statement is published prominently in the voters’ pamphlet." (Promo Copy)

This is an online event