Defend the Ban on Police Use of Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets, Blast Balls and other so-called "crowd control" weapons

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Tue Jan 26, 9 am
This is an online event
"The Seattle City Council’s Public Safety Committee will meet to discuss and vote on repealing or watering down our first-in-the-nation ban on police use of tear gas, chemical weapons, flash bangs, and other so-called “crowd control” weapons. This is ominous. We saw the police's non-response to the horrific far-right actions at the US Capitol on Wednesday. They allowed an armed right-wing mob, with the declared intent to overturn a democratic election, to walk unhindered up the steps. What a contrast from the police violence against the Black Lives Matter protests! Given the clear track record of police departments targeting progressive and left-wing movements with violence and using kid gloves in response to far right mobs, our movement must fight against watering down or repealing of the ban on police use of these weapons." (Promo Copy)