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Geeks Who Drink

This event is unconfirmed
Mon - Thu
Various locations Central Business District
Geeks Who Drink is a company that hosts trivia quizzes at different bars every damn day of the week. Usually free (except for bar owners, who pay a "reasonable" rate).

Bar Sue 6:30 pm
Lunchbox Laboratory Bellevue 6:00 pm
Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery 7:30 pm
Lost Lake Cafe 8:00 pm
The Whisky Bar 8:00 pm

Buckley's in Belltown 7:30 pm
College Inn Pub 8:00 pm
Flatstick Pub Pioneer Square 7:00 pm
Henry's Tavern South Lake Union 7:00 pm
LTD Bar and Grill 8:00 pm
Lunchbox Laboratory Greenlake 7:00 pm
Otter Bar and Burger 7:00 pm
Queen Anne Beerhall 7:00 pm
Resonate Brewery 7:30 pm 
The Park Pub 8:00 pm
The Retro Restaurant & Lounge 8:00 pm

Lamplighter Public House 8:00 pm
Little Maria's Pizza 8:00 pm
Locust Cider 7:00 pm
Magnolia Village Pub 7:30 pm
Marco Polo Bar & Grill 8:00 pm
Ozzie's 7:00 pm
Pyramid Ale House 7:00 pm
Rooftop Brewing 7:30 pm
Rose Temple 7 pm
Saint John's Bar and Eatery 8:00 pm
The Canterbury Ale House 7:00 pm

Assembly Hall 7:00 pm
Georgetown Liquor Company 8:00 pm
Magnuson Cafe and Brewery 7:00 pm
The Unicorn 7:30

See a complete list, including out-of-town pubs, here.

Various locations

Seattle, WA

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