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In Crystallized Time

This event is out of date and is likely to be canceled or postponed.
Wed - Sun, through Aug 30
Museum of Museums First Hill
$10 - $25
"In Crystallized Time is a group exhibition curated by Anthony White, that puts the history of painting through a filter that assesses the contrast of speed and the internet through the historical practice of painting. In Crystallized Time is a simulation of lo-fi and hi-fi graphics, twisted landscapes and figures birthed within a world made up of 0’s and 1’s. These processes are derivative of a simulation which is the vehicle that guides this digital language and visual representation of a system/screen. This show is a conversation about time, and a response to what is unfolding, while analyzing structures of contemporary nostalgia that seem to predict the future." (Promo Copy)

Museum of Museums

900 Boylston Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Venue website

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