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Shelton once said she would never put the Space Needle in one of her movies, and it has taken until 2014 for her to cave. The Space Needle is in this movie. So is I-90. So is Ballard. So is Dick’s. So is the Central District. So is Orcas Island. The city looks wet and rich and calm, and the whole thing was shot on location in Washington State, which is an accomplishment in itself, given the economics of shooting movies here as compared to, say, Vancouver, BC. Shelton is a master of the minor chord, the story that comes from some subtle place inside a character and ends not far from where it starts. In Laggies, the character at the center is just about the most minor-chord person Shelton has ever put on the screen, Megan (Keira Knightley), who feels like she’s floating through life, unable to connect with her own story, or family, or friends, or her lover, or anything. She has a job jumping up and down on a street corner holding a sign that says “Tax Advice.” She senses that there’s something not right about her friends, but she has no idea what it is. They’re just kind of… irritating. Or wrong. Or always mad at her. Or something. One of the friends is played by Ellie Kemper, who’s hilarious. The Kemper character, Allison, is getting married, and there’s a comic scene right up front where Megan and Allison and two other friends are having a bachelorette party, and there are so many things about that scene, and the uptightness of the friend group, and the enforced “fun” of bachelorette parties, that are so very funny and so very Seattle that I keep thinking about them and cracking up. by Christopher Frizzelle

This is an online event

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