Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

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Before Zack Snyder was allowed to turn the DC Universe into an objectivist nightmare starring Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg, he was given the keys to a children's book series about warmongering owls with abs and knives strapped to their feet. Maybe the books didn't have the abs and knife-feet, but the movie does, and that's why Zack Snyder is a "visionary." If you're thinking this <I>Ga'Hoole</i> thing sounds like film executives with too much money saw Snyder's adaptation of <i>300</i> and thought "What if <i>this</i>, but <i>owls</i>?" you are correct. That's what this is. If you don't have any drugs this weekend but want to <I>feel</I> like you've smoked something dangerous and are now utterly lost and bewildered in an incomprehensible visual wilderness, stream this.

This is an online event

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