Lewis Black

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This event is in the past
Sat Dec 5 2020, 8 pm
Moore Theatre Pike Pine Retail Core
$33 - $83

COVID-19 Update: This event has been rescheduled from its original date due to coronavirus concerns. The date on this page reflects the latest information about this event.

Witnessing Lewis Black unleash his explosive rage over the world’s macrocosmic injustices and microcosmic annoyances is one of the most cathartic and funny phenomena in the comedy world. We mock the trope of the old (white) man yelling at clouds, but Black raises this curmudgeon shtick to a goddamn art form. The louder Black’s voice gets, the funnier his words become—like Sam Kinison, but more intellectual. There’s a riveting clip of Black talking about the difference between Democrats and Republicans during the 2016 election cycle that you should hear: Spoiler alert—he’s not a Trump supporter. It’s pretty certain Black will dispense some similarly scathing and hilarious remarks about politicians for this show. DAVE SEGAL