Mynx and Savage

This event is in the past
Multiple dates through Nov 21, various times
This is an online event
"Bellevue College Theatre Arts Presents: Mynx and Savage by Rebecca Gorman O'Neill, directed by Tammis Doyle. Comic book characters, their alter egos and their creators intertwine in this multi-leveled story of inspiraton, creation and damage. Adam is a comic book writer coasting on the success of his comic book Mynx and Savage. Much to his chagrin, his employer has assigned him a partner, Ket, to ensure he makes his next deadline. As the duo sets to work on the 100th issue of Mynx and Savage, fantasy bleeds into reality as the superheroes and their mild-mannered alter egos invade the artists space. Adam is also haunted by two children who dream of superheroes. Their story inspires and tortures Adam; it is the true origin story of Mynx and Savage. As the worlds of the children, the superheroes and the artists collide, Ket helps Adam realize that he has no future until he confronts his past" (Promo Copy)

This is an online event