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If you were a sentient being who grew up remotely within the vicinity of the early-2000s, any given scene in Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle's hilarious show about the perils and occasional joys of awkward teenhood, in which they play versions of their past selves, can feel like reading your old journal from middle school; feelings you thought were buried forever in the time capsule behind your school's football field resurface like a craggy hand from a grave, but you can't stop reading. This time, though, you realize (hopefully not for the first time) that it wasn't your own essence that bred that era of sadness and insecurity and appreciation for penis jokes; it was just impossible, socially constructed standards publically sizing you up for the first time. The new season looks like more of what everyone loved from the previous one, but with a pool party and more makeout sessions.  by Elaina Friedman


This is an online event

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