Raised by Wolves

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Raised by Wolves begins with a falling star. It is a spaceship that lands on a planet called Kepler-22b. In the spaceship, which is small and shaped like the kind of smooth pebble you might find along the bank of a river and decide to keep, are two androids named Father and Mother. The father is black, and mother is white. They are Adam and Eve. The implication of this racial coding is that the colors of humankind spring from this primordial miscegenation, but let's not get into that in this post. Let's instead turn our attention to the androids, and focus not on their mission, which is to seed a dusty planet with humans, nor on their place in the kind of science fiction cinema that Ridley Scott initiated in 1979 with the film Alien (a shot in the second episode, "Pentagram," of a dead and decapitated android makes this clear enough). Rather, let's focus on the blunt fact that they do not believe in God. The humans do believe in God, or at least some of them do, but not the androids. They are strict atheists.

  by Charles Mudede

This is an online event

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