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"There's only one way you hold a nation as big and diverse as the United States together, and it's not with Congress, or even with the electoral college. It's with a story, an ongoing performance of a national identity and mission statement. No matter how you view the drone wars, or the number of deportations that took place during the Obama administration, or the expansion of fossil-fuel production on public lands, there's little argument that Barack Obama's political performance has radically reshaped America's national story to date. A Black president, yes. A mixed president, yes. A president who consistently demonstrated thoughtfulness, patience, humor, and warmth, yes. A president who made accessible health care a keystone of his presidency, yes. One of the most skilled orators Americans have seen in our lifetimes, yes. Barack Obama became the latest chapter of the American story, and in response, white America is now trying to burn the book. In service of the Obama story—and the bigger story outside all of that—Southside with You presents a presidential rom-com in the midst of one of the ugliest election seasons in recent memory." Former Stranger staffer Sydney Brownstone wrote that in 2016, and it still holds up.

This is an online event

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